Why Does Australia Have Such A Strong Coffee Culture?

Coffee is the favourite beverage for people from all over the world. However, it is the inspiration behind the Australian Coffee Culture. Over the years, it has grown and expanded to serve coffee-lovers living in different countries.

Globally known chains like Cibo Espresso, Dôme, and the Coffeeshop Company originated from Australia. Some of the best cafes in Liverpool include Bold Street Coffee, Root Coffee, and 92 Degrees Coffee.

Just like the unique names, Australian Coffee Culture has a unique story. Here is a quick introduction to this culture:

Journey of Coffee in Australia

Initially, coffee wasn’t grown or consumed by the indigenous residents of the continent. After it became a British colony, Tea was shipped into the region for the first time.
However, Coffee wasn’t in the picture till the Italian and Greek migrants settled in Australia. This started around the 1950s and 60s, crediting to the post-war immigration. Ever since then, coffee became a popular beverage nationwide.

Consumption of Specialty Coffee

Coffee shops Liverpool and New Zealand became the mainstream providers of specialty coffee. Furthermore, with the assistance of Campos coffee, many Australian cafés started serving the best coffee drinks available. The influence of the immigrants and local taste fueled this revolutionary trend.

Unique Taste of the Beverage

Latte is one of the most common coffee drinks in the country. And with the growing popularity of “Latte Art” around the world, the baristas of Coffee shops Liverpool started gaining expertise on these.

While many presume that it only makes the Coffee look good, it actually affects the overall taste of the drink as well. Additionally, the frothed milk used to make this art should have perfect consistency, this helps in:

  • Making Latte Art properly
  • Adds a smooth flavour to the Coffee
  • It spoils the Espresso Experience!

Beautiful Cafés & Coffee shops, Liverpool

When someone is passionate about doing something, they become a “Perfectionist” when it comes to a particular thing. Coffee for Aussies is the same. This is why you will find some of the best cafes in Liverpool and other Australian cities.

In fact, cafés or coffee shops are owned by individual coffee makers. They have customized the café or the store according to their style preference. Every café in the country has a unique décor of its own.

While some have cozy interiors, others feature large glass windows, providing the customers to a complete view of the street outside. Many people like to spend hours in these cafés. Moreover, you can lounge around in these cafés and try different stores at least once!

Surprising Global Chains

Whether you like to drink a double espresso or soy latte, if you are a fan you would know the real taste of the beverage. The world-famous coffee chain, Starbucks, was not able to establish its stores in the country.

However, this is because the customers prefer drinking homemade local blends over others. Furthermore, they like to drink coffee in its best and purest forms; helping the cafés thrive.

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