How to run a cafe business in this pandemic?

The global pandemic coronavirus has adversely affected businesses all over the world. To protect yourself and others from this deadly virus, people have been instructed to stay at homes, keep social distancing and follow the sop’s instructed by WHO and the government of each country. Many businesses have suffered a lot due to this pandemic, and some of them have even gone bankrupt.

The restaurant industry is amongst the businesses that only flourish as a result of people partying, celebrating, dining and having to get to gathers and enjoying the yummiest food. With this pandemic, the cafes and restaurants have been hit hard. So if you are running a cafe in liverpool nsw or anywhere else in the world, you do not need to panic as we can help you with some tips and tricks to help your business work even during this pandemic.

Use the power of social media:

Yes, we all know that dining inside the cafe is not yet open, but you need to connect to people to sell your food.  Marketing is very important for every business, and even in this business, it has a big role to play. The “take away” and “delivering at doorstep” option is there, and you have to make it work to keep your business running. Follow below tips to make it work.

  • Market your specialty on social platforms and applications like Facebook, Instagram and others.
  • Come up with special deals and offers to attract your audience.
  • Offer discounts and remember that you and your audience both are facing an economic crisis. So try to earn fair profits rather than huge ones.
  • Connect to your people through the website. If you don’t have a website, make a one and list your complete menu there and promote it to reach out to people.
  • Make ordering easy for them by keeping your website userfriendly.

“Take away” and “delivering at doorstep”- the way out to earn money:

Opt for these options and ensure to keep your consumers hooked to your liverpool café. For the takeaway option, you really need to follow strict sop’s that are as follows:

  • Ensure social distance is maintained inside your cafe when someone comes to order.
  • The strict hygiene sop’s to be followed by your staff and the customer as well.
  • The consumer temperature should be checked before allowing him/her to the cafe as a precautionary measure.
  • Use of masks, sanitizers and gloves is compulsory.
  • The food is packed and wrapped properly in a hygienic way.
  • The payment mode should be easy for customers as people prefer payment via cards rather than money exchange due to this pandemic.

As this pandemic has made people more active on social media and applications, more and more people prefer to order food on these apps, so be ready to deliver your food with amazing services.

  • Deliver food on time.
  • The delivery person should follow strict safety sop’s that include wearing a mask, using hand gloves and sanitizer.

People have become very peculiar about cleanliness after this pandemic has taken over the world, so you need to impress your consumer with your hygiene and safety standards.

Let your consumers know the new norms of your cafe:

Let your customers know that you are ready with a plan to serve them till the dinning option is not available. And as well as prepare for the new norms to be followed whenever cafes will be allowed to reopen, and people will be welcomed with strict hygienic protocols. Prepare yourself for the future and promote your effort to keep your customers engaged. A few recommendations are as follows:

  • Distant table set-ups for families
  • Masks and sanitizer usage
  • Disposable cutlery dishes and plates (just an idea as it is a safe option not to reuse cutlery and will give your customer an impression of your care and seriousness towards the spread of global pandemic).
  • More hand washing stations inside your cafe.

In the end, yes, it is difficult to run businesses at this critical time, but with the mediums that are available in this new era of technology, you can connect to your customers with ease. Being in the restaurant industry makes it a bit easier as everyone loves to eat good food, so just prepare yummy food at affordable rates and reach out to people to keep serving them with finger-licking good food keeping in mind the food safety standards that are a must to keep your consumers loyal to you.

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